Saturday, November 29, 2014

Thanksgiving Part Three

One of the highlights of our day was being able to Skype Josh.  It was sad being away from him for the first time on Thanksgiving.  But, I am thankful for all the great things happening at Golden State.  He had a great Thanksgiving!

 It was fun gathering around the computer to talk to my boy!  He showed us his room and introduced us to his roommate.  Great touch to top off a wonderful day!

 Then, while Micah and I took a little snooze, the rest of the crew went to the tree lot to help Grammy pick out her Christmas tree.

 It has always been our family tradition to put up our tree on Thanksgiving night.  Since that just isn't possible with our family moving in a few days, it worked out perfect to be able to help Denise.  The kids only broke a few ornaments ;o)  Sorry Grammy!

 Patrick watched his Eagles game and tried to recruit Marc to be a fan.  I think his Mom was a little shocked at how vocal and loud Patrick is during the game. It was fun!

 And the finished tree turned out beautiful!  Now it just needs presents underneath!

It was a full day spent with family, food and fun.  Great memory!!

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