Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Working towards a new home

 The beginning of last week we were in full moving mode and ready to close on our house when we discovered a few problems with closing on our new home.  Looking back we see the Lord's hand guiding and directing and doing what is best for us.  At the time, though, we were quite confused as to where we were going to live!  When we knew it was time to cancel our contract we began our search again for a new home to either buy or rent.  We quickly discovered that renting just isn't an option for us.  We found a home in the High Springs area that is bank owned and would need some work, but decided to take a look and see.  When we drove up to the property on Rock Way, it was breath takingly beautiful!  The trees were gorgeous and full grown (I love trees, it makes me want to go take a picnic under them!)
 As we drove up to the house, our suspicions were confirmed.   The mobile home has sat for quite a while and is in need of some TLC.  But, as we went inside, we looked past the plywood floors, ceiling issues and lack of appliances (or as a friend said, "Lack of any utilities!) we saw the beautiful layout of the home and what it could be.  We prayed and knew the Lord would have us make an offer on this home.  Since it is bank owned and quite cheaper, we are able to take a loan that would let us buy the home and do a few of the desperately needed repairs, like a water heater!
After we made the offer to the bank, they made a counter, and we accepted!  So, we are on our way to having a home! (again!)  We see the beautiful potential in this home that might be ours and we are so excited!  We feel such an urgency to get in and get settled and begin starting a church in High Springs.  As we left the area at dusk, we saw the lines of traffic coming from Gainesville into High Springs.  We saw the people that God has called us to reach and the burden to begin became even stronger.  It's so exciting serving God!

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  1. It looks like a wonderful property and I'm so glad God has led you to the place you will live. Big hugs. xx