Thursday, November 6, 2014

Some work while we are waiting

So, we packed up and were ready for our move to High Springs, until we heard the news that we have to put the brakes on for a bit.  What do we do now?  Of course, there is always plenty to do!  But, one thing we thought of is to accomplish a few of the projects that we were going to eventually do after we move in.  Now is the perfect time for those!!!

 We are so excited about decorating our master bedroom.  One of the things we would like to do is to have coordinating furniture.  Wow!  That would be a treat! Ha! ;o)  Many times our room is the room that sort of gets thrown together.  I never have liked that idea, I feel it should have more preference.  So, we decided we want to have some darker colored furniture.  The Baptist Thrift center gave us this headboard.  We love it!  The color?  Well, it just wouldn't coordinate.  Patrick has been working on restaining it.

 After a quick sanding, he was ready to stain.  We picked Espresso color for the stain.

 And Wa-Lah! It's done!  I LOVE it!  Love, Love, Love!!

 Silas thinks it's pretty cool, too!

It's been added back to our sea of boxes in it's beautified state.  The really neat thing is that a couple of weeks ago my Dad gave Patrick some furniture for his office.  For now, his office will be in our bedroom.  There is a large desk (can't see it in this picture) and nice file drawers.  Do you notice the color??  It perfectly matches our headboard!  Isn't God so good!  Can't wait to show after pictures of the whole room!

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  1. It looks great! It will be lovely to have a coordinating bedroom at last in a scheme that suits you :-) Blessings and hugs. xx