Friday, November 21, 2014

Oh, the smell of coffee!

Not too long ago we got a call from Patrick's Aunt in St. Barths.  She was coming for a visit and wanted to know if she could bring us anything.  Patrick and I knew without a doubt what we would ask her to bring us....Coffee!  While we lived in St. Barths we found a coffee that we love!  It's a brand that we've only seen there, L'Or.   It's very bold, very aromatic, very yummy!  When she brought us the package, Patrick and I couldn't wait to brew the first pot.  I stood by the coffee pot and smelled that strong aroma.  Then, I prepared all my cream and sugar in my favorite cup.  (that's the only way to have coffee, right?)   And the taste was exactly how we remembered it, amazing!  Patrick and I savoured every last drop of coffee that Mariane brought to us!

In my devotions a couple of days ago, I came across a passage that made me think of my L'Or coffee and how I savoured every last sip.  Jesus was telling His disciples of his coming death on the cross.  Peter began to rebuke the Lord and tell Him this won't happen.  Jesus response was firm and precise.

"Get thee behind me, Satan:  thou art an offence unto me:  for thou savourest not the things that be of God, but those that be of men."  

Savouring means to set affection on, regard, interest oneself in, think on.  It made me think about who Jesus was talking to, Peter!  Peter was someone who  gave up everything to follow Christ.  If anyone should be thinking on the things of God, it was him!  Yet he was not savouring the things of the Lord.  Peter had his mind on how he thought things should go.  He believed Jesus was going to rule and reign right now, not suffer and die!  Peter thought he knew how things would be, yet the Lord had His plans, and knew best!  He took his eyes off of what the Lord would have him think on and set his affection on, and put them on what he wanted.  Aren't we all like that sometimes?  Even working in the ministry, you can get your eyes off of the Lord and what He would have you think on and do.

Just like I  anticipated my St. Barths coffee, I thought about Mariane arriving with that package in hand :o)  I looked forward to it brewing in the pot and I savoured every last drop of my coffee, I want to be the same with the Lord.  I want to savour the things of God.  Think on Him.  Set my affection on Him.  That is my goal.


  1. Amen. I would like that as my goal too :-) God bless you dear heart. xx

  2. Thank you for this reminder that it is easy to be in the midst of God's work and to nor really savour it. Your object lesson should make it easier to remember. :)