Monday, August 28, 2017

Mam-maw's Visit

 I was so thankful when my Mam-maw called last month to tell me she wanted to come for a visit.  When she heard I hadn't been feeling well, she wanted to come and help our family. It was so sweet and thoughtful of her.  We're so glad she came! We had a really good time together and she did many things for us!  Josh had fun showing some magic tricks.

 Mam-maw brought some fabric and sewed Callie an adorable skirt.

 Her and Tabitha (and Brenna too) put together a couple of puzzles.

 We visited on the porch.

She did many dishes, folded laundry and even cleaned out my refridgerator!  And, of course, I gave her the usual job I give her when she comes to visit....she matched our socks!  :o)

So thankful for my Mam-maw and her servant's heart.  She is a blessing!!

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  1. She is such a blessing and she looks like she has a very sweet temperament.