Thursday, July 30, 2009

My Little Guy

My Silas can now pull himself into a standing position!!!!
A couple of days ago Patrick said, "I think it's time we lower the crib down". So, he did, Praise the Lord!
We put Silas down for a nap and he was crying for a bit. Josh peaked in on him and started hollering, "Come quick!" When we all (all 5 of us) got to Silas' room, he was standing in his crib, then....he fell backwards, poor little guy. We were all so proud of him, though. He's growing up, and he's definitely got an audience to watch the process!

1 comment:

  1. I can just imagine all 5 of you storming into his room to see him standing up and scaring him to death. :-) That's what would happen to Taylin. We were all excited everytime she did something new and you three girls were always so good about being excited with me. Silas is too young to be pulling himself up already but, I always knew he was advanced for his age. Go Silas.
    Love and miss you all,
    Love, MOM/Grandma