Sunday, July 12, 2009

Our Camping Trip

*Warning* Many camping pictures to follow!
We had a great camping trip to Jackman, Maine. We started out our trip to our doctor appointments in Maine. We really enjoyed meeting Dr. Doyle. Silas checked out a healthy 16 1/2 pounds and was given 3 shots in his thigh. Poor guy! Then, it was off to The Last Resort, our camping spot.
It was so exciting to see many Moose signs along the way.

Finally, we arrived to camp. We had a secluded spot in the woods. There were so many bugs! Flies, Horseflies, Mosquitoes, you name it...they were there! We all worked hard getting our camp set up.

Josh got a fire going with his flint and steel. The smoke from the fire really drove a lot of the bugs away. We were so thankful!

The tent is up! Yay! Our tent is so fabulous. It went up very quickly and it has lots of room.

This was the name of the site we chose...Raccoon. Very fitting, because on Friday night we saw a humungous raccoon stealing Josh's pretzels.

Now, that camp was set up, we went on a hike to the Lake. (Actually they call it a pond, but it was very big.)

This is Long Pond. Our site was very close to the Pond and it was gorgeous! On Friday we saw a Moose and its baby on the other side of the shore.

We had a great time hiking. I think it was one of my favorite parts. Ever since I was a little girl, I loved exploring through the woods. God sure did make this earth beautiful for us to enjoy!

Of course, we had to see this snake along the way. I hate snakes!

This is another hike we took to the Upper Churchill Stream.

Once we got back to camp, Josh started chopping wood. He chopped and chopped. He loved splitting the logs. Who knows how many he did throughout the couple of days that we were there. He loved it! Patrick did some chopping too. I loved seeing my strong men at work.

We took a break from the bugs for a bit and played Mille Bornes. That is the card game that Brenna got for her birthday.

Ugh! I hate outhouses. But, this was our only bathroom spot. The shower house is about a 15 minute walk away. There is nothing like a nice shower after a hike in the woods!

Josh loved using his binoculars. They were able to see the Moose very well this way.

Josh acting goofy.

We had fun cooking around the fire. We had hotdogs one night. The next night we had canned beefstew warmed over the fire with some bread. It was so good! On Friday morning we made eggs, bacon, and pancakes over the fire

Some of the paths had this stuff all over the path. It looks like green felt. It was so gorgeous! The first night got pretty cold. The lady that owns the campgroud said it was 47 degrees, but it felt much colder than that! I'm thankful we brought plenty of Jackets and blankets for the kids.

Then, we rented the boat for half of the day. I think this was Patrick's favorite part. He loved being out on the boat. Silas and I rode for about 20 minutes, then went back to camp for Silas to have a good nap. Patrick and JEB stayed our for about 3 more hours and caught tons of fish. They caught Brim, Perch and Chub. They loved it and the water was so beautiful.

This is another trail we hiked on. The Tim Trail. Once again it was beautiful. It had rained a bunch the days before, so part of the trail was underwater.

Beth was so brave and wanted to keep going deeper and deeper into the woods. The path led us into a deep dark section of the woods. It was scary, but fun.

We saw some Moose tracks along the way. That scared Brenna... just a little. We decided to clap and talk really loud on the trail to warn any animals that we were coming.

We had a great time camping for our first family camping trip. We made so many memories and Patrick's already planning a second trip. We learned some camping do's and don'ts (like long socks for us girls for sure, and we're buying an air mattress! and more jackets and sweatshirts for me and Patrick) I'm so thankful we were able to go camping as a family and have a great time together!

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  1. looks like an awesome trip!!!! what great pictures :)you are brave to take a baby, i'm sure we'll enjoy camping trips in a couple of years, can't wait!