Saturday, April 21, 2012

Micah's Birth Story I

 God has been so good and I'm so thankful our baby Micah Reuben is here!  Wednesday, April 11, 2012 was a day full of things to accomplish!  We started our day with 2 check-ups at the Pediatrician for Elisabeth and Brenna.  Praise the Lord for healthy children! The girls and I had a great time together just the three of us and had fun stopping at the store to buy some cookies and other things we felt were needed for the day. :o)  We came back to my Mom's house and had Chicken Ceaser yummy!  Then, Patrick took Elisabeth to her Orthodontist appointment while I played a game of Phase 10 with Mam-maw and Mom.  It was an enjoyable afternoon, but I noticed my Braxton Hicks were really starting to pick up...nothing painful, just there.  Me and Mom decided to go on a walk and the Braxton Hicks became about 5 mins apart and a little more uncomfortable.  I told Mom it was strange, though, because I was walking and talking. (My labors usually start off with a bang!)  My midwife was scheduled for that afternoon at 5pm, so I knew if things were happening, then she was definitely on her way.  I came home and took a nice bath and told Patrick what was happening.  Once I was in the bath everything stopped, so I figured that this was not it.  So, I figured why not go for another walk to see what happens!  Patrick and I enjoyed a small walk where he became Braxton Hicks were coming more regular and frequent and instead of being uncomfortable they were twinged with a little pain, but still I was walking and talking.  Very strange for me!  By the time we arrived home it was about 4:30, almost time for the midwife.  Patrick secretly told my Mom to prepare the  bed and things in the room.  (He knew this was the real thing, while I was still doubting)  Once the midwife arrived she decided to do a quick exam.  She was a little confused because she was hearing heartbeats on both sides, but not a definite head down.  The look on Patrick's face was hilarious!  He said, "There is only one in there, right?"  She examed me and sure enough head was down, but posterior.  Not the best news.  But, the good news I was dialated to a good 6.  She decided to head back to Naples (45 mins away) to get her Birth stuff and come back.  We had instructions to call her when labor kicked in.  Within minutes of her leaving (about 5:30) it kicked in!  My pains became strong and 4 mins apart.  Patrick called the midwife and told her to hurry!  Things became really intense really quick. Patrick and my Mom prepared to deliver the baby themselves.  They really are amazing partners when it comes to this.  I knew they were exchanging glances the whole time!  I quickly felt the urge to push.  (about 6 pm)  but this time was different than my other labors.  During the pushing phase I felt no relief at all, just severe pain.  My poor Dad in the other room was probably worried to death!   I'm glad my sister Keela was there with him...although I think she was worried herself.  Let's just say that during this time I was not quiet!  I'm glad we had decided to let my sister Taylin pick up Silas and Callie and take them to church.  It would have been too much for them to hear.  Finally at 6:40 the midwife rushed in.  I told her (or rather cried to her)  "This one is so different"  She said she realized then that this baby had not turned and was coming out posterior.  Not the easiest way to deliver.  Finally, at 6:51 our precious baby boy was delivered.  It's amazing how in one instant you can go from severe pain where you think you're losing your mind, to an amazing love and awe!
 Patrick proudly announced "It's a boy!" and then called the awaiting family to come in.
 Micah came out healthy with a small cry. He was so pink!

 Patrick is one proud Daddy!  Micah, you are very blessed with a wonderful Father!

 Then, many people were ready to hold their new family member!

Joshua (big brother)

Elisabeth (big sister)

Brenna (big sister)




Keela (my sister) kept all the family informed of Micah's arrival.

Everyone in the room made predictions of how much he weighed.  There was lots of 7 lbs and ?  and 8 lbs and ?  Everyone was shocked when she said, "No, you're all wrong, He's 9 lbs and 3 oz!"

Proud Grandma dressing her 19th Grandchild.

There were many in line to hold our precious baby!

Aunt Keela

Aunt Tabitha and Katie

Aunt Taylin.  My sweet sister has always been the emotional type.  She started to cry as she held him.  It was such a sweet moment!

Uncle Marc

Great Uncle Claud

Mam-maw (which is Micah's Great Grandma)

And that's just half of the pictures!  There were lots of cousins that had a turn to hold Micah, too!
 Then it was time to show Micah to Silas and Callie.  They did so well!  They were very gentle and very happy to see Mommy holding a baby!  A new Toy!

 Lots of kissing and loving!

 Welcome to our family baby Micah!  We love you!


  1. Good Memories!!! Welcome to the family Baby Micah!!!!

  2. So precious! You are such a brave Mommy and you have such a brave family too.... seems like you are all pros and have been through this sort of thing before. :-) Needless to say, though, each birth story is unique and each little one is perfectly precious in their own special way. I loved reading Micah's birth story.... thanks for sharing, Kami!

  3. I loved reading Micah's story too. Thanks for posting it. He is so precious! I'm sure he gets tons of attention from his siblings. :)

  4. What a beautiful welcome Micah received! I had read that posterior facing babies often turn over during labor. I wonder if Micah's size made him less likely to turn over? You sure did have a wonderful support team to get you through your labor and delivery. Micah is such a cute little cuddle bug. :)

  5. I love birth stories :). He is so precious and well loved :). Praying for a speedy recovery for you and good health for you both.
    Our soul waiteth for the LORD: he is our help and our shield. For our heart shall rejoice in him, because we have trusted in his holy name.
    (Psalms 33:20-21)

  6. thanks so very much for sharing. Praising God for a healthy little boy! You're such a wonderful mom. Maria