Thursday, September 18, 2008

Brenna Happenings

Brenna has been pretty busy lately. She's making a quilt for her baby brother/sister. She's using scraps from the baby boy quilt I made and from her quilt. She cut them her self and made a cute layout. It's turning out really great and I'm so proud of her!

Brenna had a little run in with a caterpillar yesterday. First off, let me tell you, we had a blow out tire in the motor home yesterday. It was so hot, so we stood outside for a little bit. Don't worry, we weren't by the road, we were safe. Anyway, after we went back inside, Brenna came to me with a cold cloth on her hand and said her finger is really stinging. I looked and I didn't see anything. Then, she cried out and said, "Mom, I just stepped on this and now my toe is stinging like my finger!" There was a tannish/orangish caterpillar on our floor! It was so hairy!! Brenna's poor finger and toe swelled and turned reddish/purple. She was really in pain for a while. A few hours later she finally started feeling better. We were worried! Mom looked up symptoms that we're to watch for on the computer. This morning she had red marks on her toe and several on her finger. Poor thing! We don't like those kinds of caterpillars!


  1. love the quilt! i hope my kids all enjoy quilting and sewing....i hope to be a good teacher one day! right now i just make it up as i go! have you tried a "log cabin" style of quilt?? that is the kind i make usually, looks difficult but is really easy. happy quilting! also, how do you make the labels for the backs of your quilts??

  2. Christy,
    I have not tried the log cabin quilt..but would love to, I've seen patterns and they're gorgeous. How did you make yours?
    I buy the printer ready fabric paper for the labels. They have it at Walmart and Joann Fabrics. It's easy. You design it on the computer, then print it out, and peel off the backing and sew it on like you would any other fabric.
    Are you making a quilt for the new baby?

  3. Great job Brenny! You are going to be a great quilt maker! The colors go so well together.
    Aunt Tay

  4. Hey Brenna, I love the design on the quilt you are making for the baby....or is it for me?? :-)
    You are so creative. Keep up the good work.
    Sorry the catapillar stung you.
    Love, Grandma