Saturday, January 29, 2011

Footsteps to Follow

While I was in Michigan, I asked Mam-maw and Robin if we could go by the graveyard where Pap-paw is buried. When we got there it was very prettily covered with snow, then I realized my problem.....I was just in my church flats. Even though Mam-maw was just in her church shoes too, she decided to take care of me (as usual) and make a path for me. She told me these words:

"Just put your steps into my footprints and you'll be fine."I tried my hardest to walk in each footprint that she made. When I mistepped, my feet got cold and wet and didn't feel all that great. I almost fell once, and wavered a few times. I quickly realized that to keep as dry and comfy as possible, I had to walk like my Mam-maw. That really got me to thinking....'s sort of like following Christ. When we follow Christ, we sometimes waver, and even fall down. But, when we adapt to the path and way He has set before us, we are safe, protected, and have true joy. I could have plowed my own path on my way to Pap-paw's grave, but I would have been a yucky, cold, mess, with a not-so-fun ride home. (Who likes frosty toes?) But, when I put my feet in Mam-maw's steps, I was just fine, just like she said.
Thank you, Lord, for my Mam-maw. Thank you for my Pap-paw, too. What a Godly heritage I have. Help me, Lord, to follow in your footsteps. I don't want to plow through life making a mess. I want to follow you wholeheartedly! I love you!


  1. Great post, sis! Love the pics too! You sooo need to write a devotional for busy moms. You have a talent of making a BIG point in a short amount of time. Great job!

  2. Very sweet - good pictures and good writing.