Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Brenna's Day

July 6th was my Brenna's birthday.  Even though I was away, Patrick made sure she had a great birthday!
 She started off her morning with breakfast to the bakery with just her Daddy.  My girls love their time alone with their Dad, and this has been a fun tradition for them.  When they got back, I was able to Skype with them and sing Happy Birthday to my girl.  Denise came home from work and was able to "be there" too.

 For her "cake" she requested Apple Pie.  So, the day before Elisabeth called me a few times and I helped her make Apple Pie.  They all said it was excellent!  So proud of my Beth for making it!
 It looks scrumptious and she even added a B!  How cool!
 '14'  is a big year for our girls.  This is the year they get their purity ring.  We try to make this a special, yet serious time.  This is a commitment our girls make to their Earthly Father as well as their Heavenly Father.  Of course, it's their choice.  I'm so thankful both of our girls understand what it means and have chosen to stay pure until they say "I do"  What a gift to their mate!  Elisabeth wrote about it on her blog not too long ago.
We had to be a little creative with buying Brenna's ring.  We wanted her to pick it out, but stores in St. Barths aren't very affordable.  So she looked and looked online.  She knew she wanted it to be a Paradot.  We were thrilled with the ring she chose.  And it was actually way under budget, so we let her pick out some earrings, too.

Happy Birthday to my Brenna!


  1. Happy Birthday. Your apple pie looks yummy!I love your ring and earrings. They are very nice!!
    Camille Roy

  2. Happy Birthday to the birthday girl. I love the ring and earrings she picked out. So practical with the budget and so pretty too. I'm glad your girls are making a choice for purity with the loving support of their parents. It's a wonderful job your other daughter did in making the pie. I couldn't make a proper pie crust until relatively recently. No matter how hard I tried, I could never get it right so I'm very impressed with your girl Elisabeth too.

  3. Happy b-day and wish you to continue life with God.

    God Bless!

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