Thursday, February 20, 2014

Having fun with the College and Career

When we realized we would be here for bit and need to stay local because of our medical furlough, Patrick went into Pastor's office asked him what he could do in our church.  The thought of not being involved with ministry was out of the question.  Pastor asked us if we could work with our College and Career on Wednesday nights.  It has been so much fun!!
Some of them come straight from work so we try to have snacks that will satisfy their hunger.  We decided to make some homemade pretzels for one of our snacks. I remembered when we had tried them for one of our Family Fun Nights while in Canada, so it was fun to make them again.  It was a hit!  Patrick, Beth and Brenna started a few hours before church to make the dough so it could rise.
Then, I called for some help to form the shapes and bake them before services started.  That was a lot of fun!  I think they got pretty good at making the cool pretzel shapes!

What has been really neat is that some of these young people were in our youth group when Patrick was Youth Pastor here.  To be able to catch up with them and fellowship with them as adults has been such a blessing to us.  This group of young people have been so good to us and have made us feel so welcome to just jump right in and serve with them.  How blessed we are.
Don't these pretzels look so yummy!  They were!  These were salted and buttered and served with mustard and cheese.  We saved some to dip in Sugar and Cinnamon.  Oh la la, now I want to go make some more!