Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Elisabeth's Graduation Ceremony

 Her day was finally here!  She had originally planned on having an informal graduation at home.  We began to make plans for an outdoor celebration, but as her day came closer, the weather outlook was worse and worse.  100% chance of rain at 3pm.  Her graduation was scheduled for 3pm!  So, Thursday we had to make the decision to have it at the church.  We worked at making it informal and fun, and it turned out really great!

 We had some fun games planned like "Are you smarter than a Homeschool Graduate?"  We also showed a slideshow.  It is so sad watching your baby girl grow up in less than 3 minutes!

 Then, she gave her speech.  It was so sweet as she thanked different people, then gave glory to the Lord for all He's done in her life.  God is going to keep using her!  I'm so thankful for her tender, servant's heart!

 Brother Nye brought the graduate's challenge and did such a great job.  What a blessing the Nyes are!

 Then, it was the official time for her diploma.  sniff sniff.

 She wanted to have her favorites.  So, we had a chocolate chip cookie cake, peach salsa and chips, chocolate covered strawberries, Root Beer and Peach Tea.  So yum!

 Her Memory Table

 So thankful for my sisters and their families that came all the way up here for Beth's Graduation.  That sure did mean a lot to her!

 Fun Cousin Time!


 So thankful for family and friends that were with us for Beth's special day!


  1. Wonderful photos Kami. Your darling daughter has reached a significant milestone in her life. Congratulations to her!

  2. Congratulations, Beth! May God bless you and give you wisdom for your future. We all look forward to seeing how God will use you to serve Him! Enjoying your blog!