Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Cowboy Wedding

What do you do when you've been working hard on school, trying your hardest to finish up and your Mom gives you a 5 minutes break? You play wedding, of course!
 Callie was the blushing, quite tall, bride. Silas was the preacher and Micah was the cowboy groom
Silas to Micah: Mister, do you take this woman and promise to love her and do whatever she wants?
Micah: (in a whisper) I do.
Silas: You gotta say it louder!
Micah (a little bit louder) I do

Silas to Callie: Woman, do you promise to love this man and cook for him?
Callie: (lots of giggles)

You may kiss this woman (on the cheek, of course, because that's what brothers and sisters do!)