Saturday, October 8, 2016

In Control

 The past few days have been busy around the Gimenez Home!  As we learned that hurricane Matthew might give us some unpleasant weather, we began preparing, for the 3rd time this season, for a storm. We've gotten into a good routine of preparation.  We fill as many containers with water as possible, like trash cans, jugs and laundry hampers.  It's soooo nice to be able to brush your teeth and flush the toilet when the power goes out!

 Callie likes to be my helper and prepare all the candles.
 As the storm drew closer, we flipped on the news to see the latest.  Watching the news is something that we don't do all that often.  Have you noticed how biased it is?  We've found we would rather find the news that we would like to hear by internet sources.  But, every so often, we turn on the evening news.  As we watched the devastation that Matthew caused to Haiti, we didn't realize two cute little eyes were watching along with us.  Within minutes our Micah came to Patrick and I, in full tears, asking, "Is our roof going to come off of our house, too?"  Poor little guy.  His Daddy took him in his arms and comforted him.

I felt so bad for my little guy and his fears.  As I walked into the kitchen,  I heard my Beth singing as she was doing the dishes.  The song she had on her heart was the perfect words for the night of preparation.  Here are some of the words:

In Control though the storm around you be raging.
He's in control, in your life, no matter what you're facing.
Even in your darkest night, when there seems to be no light,
He's always with you, He'll never fail you,  
He's in control.

How true those words are.  So thankful for our Heavenly Father's love and watch care over us! So thankful that just like my husband did for Micah, our God is always ready and willing to take us in His arms, comfort us, and tell us it will be okay.

So, Matthew came and went.  We were far enough west to only have some wind and a little rain.  The power did go out for several hours.  My crazy kiddos cheered!  Now, it's time to dump out all the water and pick up some branches!

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  1. Poor boy. Glad he had his papa to comfort him. So glad too that you have left all in the control of our big God while at the same time doing all the earthly preparation possible. So glad to hear that you only lost power. God is good.xx