Sunday, June 4, 2017

"Those were good years"

Last week we enjoyed our "Ladies Spring Banquet" at VSIBC.  What fun our ladies have together! We enjoyed a "50s Housewife Theme" and we all came dressed in pearls, aprons and heals.  And lots of red lipstick.  It was so fun!   

As I was preparing for some fun activities for the ladies, I realized that my Mam-maw would have been a real life 50s housewife!  She was married in the late 40s to my Pap-paw and started having children soon the midst of the 50s!  So, I decided to call and ask her what it was like to be a housewife of that time period.  I loved her answers.  I decided to share them with my ladies at the banquet. And now I want to share them here.  

Me: So, Mam-maw, tell me what it was like to be a housewife in the 50s.
Mam-maw:Well, it wasn't as convenient then as it is now.  We didn't have electricity in the house, we had lamps. We also didn't have running water.  Laundry day was the hardest.  We had to carry in all the water and wash clothes on the washboard.
Me:  (By this time I was feeling quite sorry for my overworked Mam-maw! I was getting ready to say, 'Wow, Mam-maw, I'm so sorry it was so hard')
Mam-maw: (long sigh)  Oh my those were good years!
Me:  Mam-maw, it sounds like it was a lot of work!
Mam-maw:  Yes, but I was young, I could do it, and I was in love.

Oh how I love her answers!  I've often said that my Mam-maw is the most positive person I know.  Her outlook is a blessing to me.  She truly loved my Pap-paw and she truly loves the Lord.  I want to be more like that.  I want to see the good in the difficult.  I sure do love my Mam-maw!


  1. Your maw-maw sounds wonderful.It sounds like you had a nice event with the ladies. As a child I loved to see the way the women of the 50s dressed :-)

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    1. I forgot to add that I love the photo and that very pretty dress.

  3. Thanks for sharing!