Monday, July 24, 2017

"What will it be?"

 Last Friday was time for Joshua and Tabitha to reveal the gender of their baby.  We were all sooo excited!  Tabitha decorated so cutely with a "What will it bee?" theme.

 She made a board with the ultrasound pictures (so adorable!) One side said "Landon Patrick" and the other said "Liberty Anne."  We were to write our name under the gender we thought the baby will be.  Each side filled up pretty evenly!

 It was also Tabitha's birthday.  The cake was blue with pink frosting.  I think they were confusing us!

 There were lots of snacks and yummy food.  Once it became darker we were instructed to head outside.  Joshua and Tabitha had hidden blue and pink glow sticks.  To find out the gender, we had to see which color had more.

 4 very proud aunts (to-be) !
 Then, the grandfathers counted up the glow sticks.
 The suspense was killing us!

...It' a girl!!  

 We are all so excited and can't wait to meet sweet Liberty Anne Gimenez!


  1. So excited for y'all!!!

  2. That was a fun way to do the gender reveal and get everyone involved. Congratulations to everyone and especially to the expectant parents and grandparents. xx

  3. What a clever way to do a reveal! Can't wait to see Liberty Anne!

  4. What a cute reveal! I love her name! ... Thinking of you often and praying for your health!