Thursday, April 2, 2020

Feeling in a Funk?

During our social distancing/quarantine, I’ve heard a lot of similar statements from ladies:
                In a Funk
                Not productive
                Can’t seem to be motivated
                It's like when you have plans at 3pm and feel like you can’t do anything until “that thing” is you’re waiting around

Feel that way?  For me, I’ve been wanting to get back to quilting all year, now that I can, I haven’t sewn a stitch!

Taking this thought, I began searching the Scripture for answers.  I ended up reading in 1 Peter.  I came to 4:2 ,  That he no longer should live the rest of his time in the flesh to the lusts of men, but to the will of God.  That phrase, “The rest of his time” stood out to me.

  rest of her time  

What would I like to do for the “rest of my time” in quarantine?  What would I like to accomplish?   Peter says we should be doing the will of God during this time.  It’s so interesting because as I read chapter 4 and 5 I found lots of things that Peter says is the will of God for me to do.   It’s the answer I was looking for!  Then, I found in 1Peter 5:10 the results of doing God’s will during this time is that we will be “stablished, strengthened and settled.  It's the exact opposite of the sentiments of in-a-funk-feeling that I've been hearing. We don’t know how long this time will last.  It could be two more weeks,  It could be two more months.  But, when things get back to normal, what do we want to have said about our time?  Do we want to say we floundered, walked around in a funk and were not productive?  Or do we want to say that we have come out stronger, closer to the Lord and our family and accomplished much!?  Do we want to be stablished and strengthened?  Then, we must do the will of God.   There are many things listed in chapter 4 and 5 that are the will of God.  I picked out 10 that I would like for us to study.  But for this lesson I will focus on 3.

SOBER  (1 Peter 4:7)  Sober means to make of sound mind, to discipline or correct, to be wise.  I have to stop and ask myself, “Am I wise concerning the things of the Lord?  I read a very sad verse in my devotions Saturday.  Jeremiah 4:22 says, “they are wise to do evil, but to do good they have no knowledge.  How sad.  It can come so natural for us, our flesh is so strong!  But being wise concerning the things of the Lord, being sober, is going to take effort.  It doesn’t really take a lot of effort to do wrong and respond harshly, does it?  But we must be diligent to be sober and wise in the things of the Lord!

So, how’s that going for you?  Do you purpose to read God’s Word everyday BEFORE you read anything else?  It’s easy to read the news (especially right now!), social media, or anything before God’s Word.  We have to purpose that He will be 1st!
Think of a profession where someone must be very smart and well educated. It didn’t come by accident.  It took effort and diligence.  Same with being wise in the Lord!
                Do you have a Bible reading schedule?  Are you disciplined to read and study?  What about other books you are reading?  Do they point you to being sober minded?  Right now there is so much at our fingertips (books, ladies devos, sermons galore) Be diligent to use them wisely.

Homework:  Purpose to read God’s Word before anything else.  Before news.  Before social media.  Anything! Be a student of God's Word!  Get out your pen and notebook.  Take notes, jot down questions, look for correlating passages.  But, I'm warning you, it's addictive!  Studying God's Word brings so much joy that you will go back again and again for more!

WATCH UNTO PRAYER  (1 Peter 4:7)  Watch means calm and collected in spirit/fit for prayer.  If our family, our church and country needs prayer, now is the time! Is your spirit fit for prayer? Psalm 66:18 says, “If I regard iniquity in my heart, the Lord will not hear me.”     I want my prayers to be heard.  I need my prayers to be heard!  But, I must have a clean heart before God and man.  Do you need to go to someone and get things right?  We tend to think that if we admit our wrong and ask someone forgiveness that it will harm our testimony.  But, do you know the opposite is actually true?  When you go to someone, admit you were wrong and sincerely ask them to forgive you, it opens the door for them to see you are real (just like them).  Especially with our children!  It opens the door to communication with them and with God!

Homework:  Pray or sing Psalm 139:23-24.  When God does show you where you need to get something right, don’t put it off.  Get things right with God and with others.

FERVENT CHARITY  (1 Peter 4:8)  Charity is a giving love.  Do those around you know how deeply you love them? Francie Taylor has said, “Loving is giving, so plan on giving up some of your ideas.”  We usually start off our day with an idea of how things should go. When we are floundering and in a funk, it’s easy to be agitated and aggravated.  And get on each others nerves a little.   It also seems that our husbands and children, everyone always need us at the same time.  Usually just when you’re relaxed, poured yourself a nice diet coke and are finally sitting down to read a chapter in a book, they all need you.  Someone has a math question, someone needs help finding something.  You may tell your family you love them, but have you shown them? A good test to see if you are showing fervent charity to others is in 1 Corinthians 13:4-8.  Put your name in place of Charity.  Is it true?

Homework:  Read through  1 Cor 13 and sincerely ask, How am I doing?  How can I improve?

3 simple things that are the will of God.  I'm looking forward to studying the next 7!  Simply put, I need the results of being stablished and strengthened! 


  1. A good word Woman of God. Love ya.

  2. Another excellent post. I needed this one too. Thank you, Kami.