Tuesday, April 7, 2020

What day is it?

Anyone else a little confused about what day it is?  I know we have been.  We've heard quite a few times around the house asking what day it is.  This quarantine has really thrown our schedule for a loop!  We've tried to be creative in our visiting, since we really can't come in contact with people.  So, visiting can be any day of the week with special drop off packages (like yummy baked bread or brownies) and singing from the front yard. 

Church is especially different since we video it the day before.

 I don't do the grocery shopping anymore since Patrick doesn't want me to be exposed to anything.  Adding Covid-19 to Myasthenia Gravis would not be a good thing.  So, I've become the driver as my girls have become the shoppers. I never knew that I loved shopping, but now I realize I would love to wonder the aisles of Dollar Tree or Hobby Lobby.  Would love to!!

The only thing that has kept the same routine is the care of our little farm.  My little goat herd is doing great and within a few weeks we will be on goat watch waiting for the kids to be born!

Strange times during the quarantine, but we are making it!


  1. You are all doing well. God keep you all safe.

    1. Yes, we are! God is so good. Praying you are doing well in the far north! ;o)

  2. Hello to the Gimenez family...
    We stopped by to check in on you all...smile
    thanking God to see you all are well.
    We are as well, pray that you continue to stay well.
    Are you live streaming (?) We are watching not only our services, several other ….lots of services
    Blessings to you all …
    Heard a good sermon from Marion Ave Baptist Church (Washington Iowa) That in Jeremiah 33:3 God knows! True!
    Blessings & prayers, Lori for the Mayo Family

    1. Hello Mayo Family!! It's so good to hear from you! :o)
      Glad to hear you are all well. Stay healthy!
      We aren't doing live streaming (no internet at our church) but we are videoing the services and posting them to our website. You can find them at vsibc.org.
      Take Care!

  3. BJ and I have had that same problem of trying to remember what day it is. It helps a little that we started homeschool back up, but still odd without the normal ministry opportunities that normally go on. :)