Tuesday, February 20, 2024

Trying again for "Happy"

Silas was so excited to start a new hobby of breeding Holland Lops Rabbits. He presented his plan to us, and he and Patrick began working on a neat set up.  He bought 3 rabbits and started his plan. Unfortunately, it didn't work. Each rabbit died. We dont know if it was the heat...this summer was so hot! We talked to some people and did some research. We hoped to have learned our lesson and tweaked a few things. 

So for Christmas we had some friends give a Holland Lop to Silas so he could try again. This sweet bunny had been bred and we eagerly awaited some cute rabbits to be born. Then a couple of weeks later his new rabbit, Happy, miscarried. 😞 We were all disappointed, but don't feel that it was something we had done wrong.
 It was just one of those things in the world of nature.

Our friends very sweetly said that Happy could come over for a date and we will try to breed her again.

 So today we dropped off Happy for her little getaway.  Hopefully baby rabbits will be coming in about month! 


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