Sunday, August 31, 2008

"Vacation" from the boys

That's what Brenna called it...our vacation from the boys. Monday Patrick and Josh flew from Jacksonville to Plattsburgh, New York to pick up our new van. It's so amazing how the Lord worked all of this out for us! We knew we'd need a bigger vehicle for after the baby comes and a couple of weeks after we found out we're expecting, our friends from NY called us and said they want to give us their van! We were so excited! girls had a few days for ourselves. We parked the motorhome on Jekyll Island. I love Jekyll Island! We went the perfect time. This is definitely their slow season. They had a good bit of rain from Tropical Storm Fay, so some of the steps to access the beach were still under water.
The girls and I spent several hours at the beach. We had the place to ourselves! And this is the way we like it. We do not go to the beaches when other people are around because of the nakedness . The Lord always seems to work it out for us to go where we can enjoy the beach and still honor Him! We had a picnic and made sandcastles.
And jumped in the waves. This is their favorite thing to do!
The history of Jekyll Island is so cool. This is the Jekyll Club house built in the 1800's. We ate pizza there.
One morning the girls surprised me with breakfast in bed! It was so delicious. I really enjoyed our girl bonding time. I love my girls! We laughed and giggled, and did our toes, and watched a ton of Little House on the Prairie. Beth and Brenna, you two are my best girlfriends ever. I'm so glad we have a wonderful, fun, close relationship!

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  1. Looks like you all were having a wonderful time together. I love Mother/Daughter days.
    What a nice surprize to have breakfast in bed.
    Good Job Elisabeth and Brenna,
    Love, MOM/Grandma