Sunday, May 30, 2010

Mom's Visit Part 1

We had such a wonderful time while my Mom was here. There are LOTS OF PICTURES that Mom and I took. I'll post a few in this post, and then the rest in the next post.
My sister, Taylin, organized a "Party by Post" to welcome baby Callie. (It's like a Baby Shower, but by mail) The ladies of my home church and my sisters and Mom and Dad gave me so many gifts! It was so nice to be showered with love from my homechurch. They are so good to us and we miss them all very much. I love Winkler Road Baptist Church! So, on the first night of Mom's visit she had a baby shower for me and Callie! There were lots of pink balloons and we played some fun games, too.
We took Mom to Hall Fleur de Lys. It's a neat market type mall. We stopped for a snack of some sweet Cantaloupe.

Mom had a good time keeping nursery while she was here. Silas is the only one in our nursery and he loved his time with Grandma!

My Mom is a wonderful Grandmother and truly cherishes her time with her grandchildren. Even changing diapers! She took care of so much while she was here. Silas woke her up early early early every morning, sometimes as early as 4:30. Poor Mom, but she didn't seem to mind, she cherished every minute she had with my kiddos. Thanks, Mom. They sure do know that you love them.

Mom and Brenna reading their Bibles ont he swing one morning. This was something Brenna had been really looking forward to doing with her Grandma.

We took Mom to the Mall here and the kids rode the roller coaster. We found this horse (It's not a penny like at Meijer, it was a dollar!) and Silas rode it for the first time. He sort of liked it, but not really.

Then, we had a great lunch at the mall. I think Mom is a Poutine lover, now!

We took Silas on the train and he liked it. Mom said it reminds her so much of when my baby sister Taylin was born. It's like having 5 parents!
Mom took care of the kids, but took great care of me, too. She made sure I had my rest. It was hard though, because I wanted to be with Mom as much as possible, but the naps were pretty sweet, I have to admit!

We took Mom to the huge Catholic Chruch in Beaupre. It's huge! We took the kids inside and showed them how ornate everything is inside, but Patrick also explained to them the truth of the Catholic religion. It's very sad to see so many statues and to see the people pay to light candles. They are trusting in the works that they are doing to get them to heaven. The Bible says that all our works are as filthy rags, they will never get us to heaven. I'm thankful we can trust in Christ, He paid the price for us and we can trust in Him!
Then, we toured the Island in the middle of the Saint Lawrence river. We found a great picnic spot by the water and enjoyed the gorgeous weather.

Mom and the kids found many treasures out by the water. It was fun reading the history that in the 20's this spot was used to dock boats in the winter.

Giving Miss Callie Grace a sponge bath.

Taking Silas for a walk. The weather was so gorgeous while Mom was here!

Mom, Elisabeth, and Brenna planted some flowers in our flower box. They are already starting to sprout!

Josh wanted to take his Giga ball down the hill in the "Valley". It didn't exactly roll like he wanted.

But, he had fun trying!

Then, we walked down to the river.

Josh tryed his giga ball in the water and it floated downstream...sort of.
Silas loved playing in the water and throwing rocks in.

The walk back felt a lot longer than the walk to the park, but it was a great day. Mom is so much fun!

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  1. Thank you, I would do anything for you. I had so much FUN! Callie is such a good baby. So precious. I just hope she doesn't grow up too fast....and Silas too. J.E.B. have grown so much or am I shrinking.
    I'm not sure what was the most fun...the camping, the valley, the roller coaster, the island or the walking trail.
    Thanks for everything.