Saturday, September 29, 2012

Family Fun Night~Silas style!

We've had fun planning our Family Fun Nights lately.  First, it was mine and Elisabeth's turn to plan the night.  The next week it was Patrick and Brenna's turn, then Joshua's.  I was talking to my Mother-in-Law, Denise, on the phone and she said I should let Silas and Callie plan our next FFN!   What a great idea!  So,  I talked to Silas and Callie and told them they get to plan our Family Fun Night and pick everything they want to do!  Silas was very excited.  Callie?  Well, she looked at me and smiled, then went back to her Memory Game.  So, I guess this was going to be a Silas-planned night!   I took him to the store and he picked out this Coke:
Not sure of the flavor, but it was good!
Then, he said he wanted Hamburgers...okay, no problem!  AND Shrimp.  And shrimp?  Does he know how much that stuff cost?  I prayed on the way to the store asking God to let me find some shrimp that would fit into our budget.  I sure did want my boy to have his desires for dinner, but I was doubting.  I figured maybe I could find a bag of frozen salad shrimp.  Silas was so much fun walking through the store picking his stuff.  Then, we arrived at the Shrimp/Fish freezer.  He loves to see the fish!  I think everyone in the store knew what was in that freezer, because he announced it to them!  Then, I saw some shrimp.  It looked sooo delicious with a Tex/Mex seasoning  and it was on Skewers.  12 to a pack..that was good, but the price??? Could I be reading it right?  After checking numbers, and rereading the price three times, I realized that it really was 2.30 Euros for the pack and there was one pack left!  Yippee!  Silas could have his shrimp!
 It was so delicous!

 For our activity, he wanted to play Hide and Go Seek outside.  Do you see some feet hiding?

 It started to get dark, but we kept on playing!
 Can you spot my Josh?

 Then, we came in for dessert Silas style!  He said he wanted a Strawberry Cake.  Have I ever made one of those before?  Where did he come up with that?  I added canned strawberries (did you know there was such a thing as canned stawberries?  No, neither did I!) to regular cake batter, then added bananas and pineapple in between the layers.  It was good!

God is so good to give us the desires of our heart.  And it thrills this Momma's heart to have a 3 year old that is so loved by our Heavenly Father.  He truly does care for us and wants to make us happy.  What a great night!


  1. How sweet for your little one to plan the family night and see his wishes come true :-)

  2. What a special gift to give Silas - letting him plan a family night. It looks like he is a pretty good planner for being so young.

  3. Such a blessing to hear how God gave you and Silas the desire of your hearts! I love your posts.

  4. My thoughts just like the previous comments-how precious to see a heart's desire answered! How gracious our Father is to provide not only for our needs but also for the "little things."
    Again, such a sweet family and testimony of serving one another-I would love to incorporate this into weekly routine! Happy blessed weekend!