Sunday, June 23, 2013


Friday, I traveled to Weston with my Mom, Denise, Patrick's brother Marc, and my little Micah Roo.  I was a little nervous about having the MRA and was just ready to get it over with.  I told Mom to just drop me off at the hospital and I would call her when I was done.  I knew Micah was going to love having some time at the park on the swings that Mom found near the hospital.

Have I mentioned how great the people at Cleveland Clinic are?  I told Patrick that everyone I have met there is in love with their job.  They love what they do and are very compassionate.  A big plus in the medical field!  
After getting into my beautiful blue gown, they put in my IV.  If you know me, I've always been nervous about needles.  And an IV?  a little scared.  But, I had the best lady ever to put in my IV.  She was good!  Then, they sweetly explained everything.  The machine is a cross between an MRI and a CT scan machine.  It's open on one end and a little bigger.  After they laid me on the table with a nice warm blanket, hooked me up to the contrast machine, and made sure my heart was in the exact spot on the table, they began to strap heavy magnets on me.  Being strapped to the table with something on top of you was a little nerve-wracking.  Then, the coughing began.  Sometimes when I lay flat the pressure increases and I begin to cough.  They propped up my head and I was much better.  Then, before they pushed me into the tunnel, they asked if I would like some music in my headphones.  Sure!   I told them I like Classical or Conservative Christian Music.  They found the perfect calming music station for me.  Oh the power of good music!

I was inside for an hour.  Many times I had to take deep breaths and hold it when asked to.  They realized I just don't have the lung compacity right now to hold it for the full 25 seconds.  strange for me.  I'm used to having contests with my kiddos to see who can sing out a note and hold it the longest.  Not to brag...but I usually win! :o)  I don't think I'll win that contest at the moment.  So, they ended up having to do shorter intervals for me, since I couldn't hold my breath that long.  In the end the technician said that he has some "very beautiful pictures"  Thanks!

Monday we head back for all the results.  Patrick and I are praying for answers.  The hardest part is not knowing what is going on with my body.  Would you pray along with us?


  1. Thank you for the updated report. It makes so much difference when you are dealing with staff who love their jobs, especially in the medical field. I'm glad they were able to get some good pictures. Now I pray they can give you some answers. Love and prayers. xx

  2. Praying for some answers for you, Kami!