Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Thursday is the Day.

I received confirmation from the Cleveland Clinic in Weston Florida today that my appointments will begin on Thursday.  I will meet with 3 doctors on that day, and then they will chart the course for what needs to happen next.  My Mom and I (and of course my Micah Roo) will drive over to Weston (about 2 hours away) on Wednesday evening so I can be ready for my Thursday morning appointment.  Please be in prayer for my doctors to have wisdom.

  I'm missing my family so much already.  I'm so thankful for email and the pictures they send me of their adorable faces.  My family here in Florida has been so wonderful as usual.  Since we came in late Saturday night my sister, Keela, had came in earlier in the day and prepared my room and turned the covers down in my bed.  My room (it's acutally the guest room, but Micah was born in there, so I'm claiming it!) was so inviting and my tired body climbed right in to bed.  Then I remembered that I had a queen bed all to myself and missed my Patrick even more.

Healthwise, I'm feeling the same pressure and pain.  So, Thursday is the day. Each email and note has been so encouraging to our family.  To know God's people are praying for me and my family is so humbling, yet the feeling of being so blessed far beyond what we deserve is indescribable.  Thank you seems not quite enough to say.

Much Love and Thanks,


  1. Very happy to hear that your appointments have been confirmed and prayers for you and all your family will continue. God bless and keep you in perfect peace. Hugs. xx

  2. Our prayers are with you and your family each day.

    Big hugs,