Friday, August 9, 2013

While Waiting

To say that I am ready for my appointment with The Mayo Clinic on Wednesday is an understatement.  I'm so ready to figure this all out and be on the road to a normal life for us again.  But, in the process of waiting for results, we've made some good memories, too.
 Micah has enjoyed some time of playing in the rain.
 I love all the giggles!
Our original plan was for me to bring back Josh's birthday gift to St. Barths.  Well, Josh's birthday came and went (June 27th) and his birthday gift stayed in Fort Myers with me.  Shortly after arriving, Patrick and I gave him his gift.  This was one of those years (I don't think it's ever happened to him) where he knew what his gift was going to be. He had been wanting a class ring (he's starting his senior year this year) so we let him pick it out and order it online.  He loves it!  It looks so handsome and manly on him.
Joshua, Elisabeth, and Brenna enjoyed going to a Teen Conference that our youth group from our home church attended.  They were excited to hear that one of their favorite preachers would be the main speaker...Scott Pauley!  They had a great time and made decisions for of which I'll tell you in the next post.

One of the things we decided would be on our "to-do" list while we're waiting is to renew Elisabeth and Silas's American passports.  They expire in 8 months and our plan is to not be in the states to renew them, so now is the time to take care of it!  Patrick and I took the two of them to CVS this morning to have their passport photos taken.  When we arrived at the front of the store with all the candy in front so temptingly displayed, Silas's eyes lit and up and he excitedly said, "LOOK at all these things!"  He was pretty impressed with the store, that's for sure!  And you know we had to leave with a big package of Gummy Bears!


  1. So glad to hear that you and your family have a chance to catch up on some needed things while you are all in the states. Blessings and big hugs. xx

  2. Still thinking of you and praying as you wait. Brother Pauley was my husband's favorite teacher in college. He considers him one of his greatest mentors!