Saturday, August 17, 2013

Words Of Encouragment

There have been so many people that have been such an encouragement to us while we've been on this journey figuring out my health issues.  While we were in Jacksonville, we received a call from a pastor of one of our supporting churches.  He was such a blessing. He encouraged Patrick to keep trying to find out what is causing my health problem and to keep his family first during this time.  He encouraged him to take care of this before we head back to the mission field.  Then he told him, "And tell your wife, don't feel guilty.  I know she's probably blaming herself for this health problem."  I couldn't believe it when Patrick told me what he said!  Had he been a fly on the wall of the Mission's House a few hours before?

You see, I know God has planned this step in our lives.  My health, our family's time of separation, and the decision for all of us to step off the mission field for a little time has not taken God by surprise.  This is all His plan.  Yet still, I sometimes feel guilty.  I feel like it's my fault that we aren't in our home, on the field God has called us to, and reaching the people of St. Barths.  I had just told Patrick all of this and cried to him my feelings of guilt.

So those words from that dear pastor were exactly what I needed to hear.  Don't feel guilty.  God's plan is being set forth in my life.  There truly are many people supporting us and praying for us during this time.  God always gives me exactly what I need.  And that voice of encouragement was just another way of my Savior telling me that He loves me!


  1. God's timing is perfect, but it also takes a heart tender to His voice to recognize it and you have that, Kami. Thank you for sharing this and so many other precious things you see God do through your illness. This particular post really touched my heart as I deal with guilt at times due to my health issues. Thank you for a reminder that I needed. Blessings and hugs my sweet friend.

  2. That was very meaningful and i love it.

    God Bless.

    the family international

  3. We've been praying for you. :) We thought maybe you would be interested in looking into Dr. Michael Burnui. He is a Christian Dr. in TN that specializes in helping people with hard to diagnose and/or treat problems. Here is his sight - Hope this helps. :)