Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Latest Update on our Family (from Patrick)

Kami update...and our plans for the near future...
Many of you have asked about an update on Kami.  So here goes....

We really don't have any new information to share as of right now.  We are waiting for the Infectious Disease department's final blood test to be finished by October 21st.  This test will show us whether Kami has an active TB infection in her bones which would be the reason for all of her symptoms.  If the test comes back negative, then the TB is latent and not the reason for her symptoms.  (Our hope is that the test comes back positive for an active TB infection so that we can have a name for her illness and get it treated.)

Either way, she will have to undergo 6-9 months of antibiotic treatments and repeated tests to evaluate the condition of her liver throughout the treatments.  The test will also tell us whether or not she needs 4 antibiotics or just 1 during the treatment.

So for now, Kami has good days and bad days, but none without pain.  She doesn't ever complain but there are times when I see the tears in her eyes from the pain and discomfort that she has been trying to live with. 

I will be going back to St. Barths at the end of the month to pack up our belongings and move out of our rental house.  With the advice of our Pastor and our Field Director, we decided that it just didn't make any sense paying $2,000/month in rent for a house that is just sitting empty on the mission field.  So we will pack-up our belongings, move out, and then see what the Lord has in store for our family once Kami finishes her antibiotic treatments.  So for now, we are taking a medical furlough to be able to get wife & momma back to a place that we can return to the mission field.

Our home church bought a 4-bedroom house about a year ago that needs a lot of fixing-up and tender love.  With our Pastor's permission, Josh & I have been remodeling the house and in return, we will be able to live in it for the duration of Kami's treatments.  After living in the 1-bedroom prophet's chamber here at the church for the past 2 months, the house will feel like a mansion when we get it finished!  This is a win-win situation as the church is getting a renovated house and we will be getting a place to call "home" while we are away from our home in the West Indies.

Thank you for your continued prayers and support for our family!

Until next time...


  1. Thank you for the update Patrick. It is a long season of waiting. I know just what a stalwart person Kami is just through the blog and she is a wonderful example of faith and courage in a time of uncertainty and physical ailment. My prayer is that you will all have answers soon. I think it also makes sense that the rental in St. Bart's will end while you focus on Kami's health. The house you are fixing up will indeed seem like a mansion when you are done remodelling. May God be with you and with all of your family as you do what needs to be done (packing the house, moving, remodelling, doctors, tests, etc.).

  2. Prayers goin straight to the top for u and family......