Wednesday, October 30, 2013

On their way

I was pretty excited yesterday when I opened my email and saw this picture sent to me...
They sent me this photo from the Fort Lauderdale airport.  Patrick and Josh left around 4:30am to head to St. Barths.  Don't they look so cute!  Last night I received a call from Patrick saying they made it in around 6:30pm.  What a day!  I'm thankful for the safety the Lord gave them yesterday.  Last night they made a few visits.  Patrick said it was so good to see his Grandma.  (mama)  He had missed her and she had missed him, too.  Today they will be running lots of errands, making more visits and begin moving our things out of our rental house.  Lots of emotions are happening there and here.  I'm missing St. Barths, but I know God makes no mistakes.  His way is perfect!

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  1. So glad for you too that your loved ones made it to St. Barths safe and sound. It is sweet that Grandma was able to see her loved ones again too. Sending you virtual hugs. xx