Friday, March 14, 2014

Happy 16th Birthday to my Elisabeth Kristine

 Happy Birthday to my Elisabeth Kristine!!

 Is it possible my baby girl is 16?  As I tucked her in last night I started thinking about how excited I was when she was born.  I kept saying, "I have a daughter!  I have a daughter!"  I have loved watching Beth grow and experience new things.  I love how she looks at things and doesn't rush through life.  So many of us seem to do that, but my Beth is the type of girl that will take time and enjoy.  What a great quality!
 She is so diligent and has such a servant's heart.  She's not in a hurry to grow up, but is such a lady.
 But, as I was tucking her in, I realized that how much more every year we become friends.  We've always been close, and don't get me wrong, I will always be the Momma!  But, there is such a common bond between the two of us.  We can go for a walk and talk a mile a minute to one another even though we've been together all day.  Or we can work side by side and know what the other needs help with without having to say it.  I just love this girl!
Happy Birthday to my Elisabeth.  My daughter.  My helper.  My friend.


  1. Happy Birthday to her! She is so pretty!

  2. Your daughter sounds delightful. It only stands to reason given the wonderful parents you and your husband are. I really like how your momma loves shines through for your children. Happy Birthday to your girl and may God continue to richly bless her life.

  3. Such pretty pictures. Happy Birthday, Elisabeth! 16 is such a fun year, especially with that license!

  4. Happy Birthday to your daughter. I am a 17 year old missionary daughter to Mexico. And I have watched your blog with interest for quite a time now. I have come to realize that your family holds to many convictions that ours has. Including purity of body, mind and soul till marriage. Once again happy birthday. Felicidades en ti cumpleaños Elizabeth. :)