Tuesday, March 18, 2014

My Beth's Day

My Elisabeth had a wonderful day for her 16th Birthday!

She started off with a breakfast date with her Daddy.  My kiddos love having that special time with him!  Then, it was time for presents at home.
I love to watch the face of the "giver" when the birthday girl opens her gifts.  I love seeing how excited they are.  Beth was happy with the lipgloss that Callie picked out for her!

Silas couldn't wait for Beth to open the plant he bought for her and the big bag of Reese's.  When she saw what it was he said, "You can share them with me if you want!"  Me too maybe?

One of Beth's friends found a book published in the 40s at the bookstore and gave it to her for her birthday.  My girl loves old books!
Then, Grammy brought over one of Beth's favorite cakes, The Fruit Basket Cake.  So delicious!
Brenna gave Beth a birdhouse kit and she was so excited to just relax and work on it.

For dinner we invited our family to meet us at a Mexican Restaurant. Even though we have a few non-lovers of mexican food, they came along anyway for our girl.  Dad said the chicken tenders were excellent!

Lots of fun on my girl's day!

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  1. What a special birthday for your 16 year old. Happy Birthday Beth! May you have a wonderful and blessed year :-)