Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Coloring Our Eggs!

 We love Easter!  And we love to color eggs!
 We have a few "traditions" for our coloring.  Beth always colors a polkadotted egg, Patrick a watermelon, me a yellow with a cross, Josh a white one (how did that begin?) It's so much fun!
 Half way through our coloring process, Silas realized that these were just like his favorite eggs we have on Thanksgiving! (Angeled Eggs!)  So he and Patrick started peeling and eating.  They loved it!

 I'm trying not to look at everything we do as possible "lasts for a while."  But, it's true.  This is the last time to color eggs with our boy...for some time.  He is so excited about college!  And I'm so thankful he's excited about stepping out into God's will for his life!  He made this egg with his college and the date he will arrive!

 We asked Mom and Dad to come and help us.  Mom was Silas's partner and Callie's partner was my Dad.
 They worked very hard together and made special memories!

 Micah was very proud of his blue egg.  It didn't stay this way for very long, though.  Right after this picture he dropped it and it was quite cracked.  Oh well, another one to eat! :o)

Great Job on the eggs guys!

Then, it was time to do some egg hunting outside.  Lots of fun memories!!

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