Monday, April 21, 2014

Dillehay Family Easter Egg Hunt

My sister and her family are very creative!  They plan super fun stuff and one of them is an annual Easter egg hunt at one of our favorite parks.   

There was a lot of excitement in the car ride over to the hunt.  We had their baskets ready and coached our little ones how to go Easter Egg hunting!

They started off with a small devotion on the meaning of Easter.  I wonder who is that handsome man sharing his testimony?  :o)

Lots of eggs ready to be hid!

Do these two look ready to go egg hunting or what?  Or maybe not....Josh and Noah went to the park early and had been fishing for the past several hours.  These two have been best buds ever since they were about 9 years old.  I can't believe they are both graduating this year!  I think they are trying to do as many things together before College life takes over.

Then, they had a big cake walk.  I think there were 75 numbers to stand on.  On about the 3rd round, Silas was asked to pick the winning number.  And, guess whose number he picked?

His own number!  Ha!  And then he went over to pick his cake.  Guess which one he picked?  The one we brought!
My Dad loved helping Silas and Callie in the cake walk!

Then, it was time for the Egg Hunt!  As the instructions were being told to the 5 and under age group, Micah sort of escaped and started hunting early. Ha!  Little stinker!

Then, it was time for the Egg Toss.  Silas and Callie were partners.  They've never exactly done an egg toss before.  I think they thought we were all a little crazy for throwing eggs!
You know how it throw an egg to your partner.  If it cracks, you're out.

Silas kept throwing and their egg kept surviving!

There were many teams participating and one by one they would crack their eggs.  Sorry Beth and Mom!

Then, it was down to 3 teams....and Silas and Callie were still in it!  Now, I have to be honest and tell you they never actually caught the egg when it was thrown.  It kept landing half way and they would run get it....that's not against the rules right? So, to figure out the winner, the first team to throw it back and forth 5 times without dropping won....Well, my Silas and Callie weren't real sure how to do that...

But, in the end they still had their egg!  So, of course they were winners to me!

Such a great time with family and friends!! Thanks Dillehays!!

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