Saturday, June 7, 2014

And so the treatment begins....

Yesterday Patrick and I took our trip to Brooksville (about 3 hours away) to see our new doctor.  I'm so thankful for a husband who likes to leave early since 75 was backed up with some accidents.  We saw 3 in a row!  We arrived with 15 minutes to spare.  

I was pretty nervous.  Actually very nervous.  The internet can be a wonderful thing for information, and sometimes that information can be scary.  I read about the possibilities of what our day would hold.  And if you're looking for reviews on anybody, you are going to find some negatives.  So, with my brain on info-overload, we went back to our room.  Patrick was calm as usual.  He is exactly what I need!  The doctor came in.  She seemed rushed, but very confident.  She knew exactly what treatment she wanted to do....PICC line. 

Since Lyme has been in my body for quite a while, a few weeks of oral antibiotics isn't going to cut it.  A PICC line is similar to an IV, but they thread a small tube through that sits on top of the heart.  It can stay in place long term, so I won't have to be poked everyday.

  So, as I walked back to the room for the procedure I was scared.  Of course at that moment a man in the other room became "non-responsive" and they had to call 911.  Oh boy!  By the time they called the ambulance he was talking and doing better.  His wife said he just got out of the hospital after a 3 week stay and wasn't too happy about having to take him back.  I looked over at Patrick....still calm.  He knew I had the "flight" look in my eyes and told me it was going to be okay. 

 In the room the doctor measured from my arm, up to my shoulder and to my heart.  44 centimeters.  Then, he began disinfecting.  There were 3 alcohol bags, and 3 iodine swabs.  That took some time.  Then, the fun blue drapes.  I don't think I really like that color of blue!
  Then, he started opening up clear baggies of stuff....I turned my head of course.  The stick was a little worse than an IV, but not too completely horrible.  It's my mind that I have the most war with!  The doctor spent a few minutes threading the tube. I felt some discomfort in my upper arm for a slight moment, but other than that I didn't feel anything.  Then, it was done!  They sent me for an Xray to make sure it was placed properly in my chest, and after that I went to the infusion center for my first treatment.  Half way through Patrick smiled cutely and said, "Feel any different?"  If only it were that quick!

   They trained Patrick how to care and clean and administer medication through my line.  I am on two antibiotics, Rocephin and Merrem, that I will have once a day for at least three weeks.  I will go back to Brooksville once a week for three weeks to see the doctor and have a dressing change.  After that we will see how I'm doing and decide the next phase of treatment.

We are very happy to have some meds in my body and to start treatment.  I'm thankful for a doctor wanting to start treating aggressively, but not too fast as to cause other problems.   Thank you for your prayers.  We are so thankful to have reached this step!


  1. I'm so glad for you that you have an answer and are on the road to recovery. I've heard it's hard to diagnose. A family from here, had quadruplets about 9 years ago and they noticed this past winter a steady decline of two of them. Sure enough, Lymes disease. They have up and moved to Florida for the six month treatment and as Canadians I can't imagine the cost....

  2. So glad you have started treatment. I knew what a PICC line is from my mother having to get treated this way a few times. But I never had her describe the procedure to me so that was good to know. I'm so glad you have a doctor who inspires confidence. God bless and continue to heal you. Big hugs. xx