Saturday, June 21, 2014

Today was a good day!

I am so happy to tell you that today was a good day!  It may not seem like much, but today I have not had to lay down and rest!  That's a mark of improvement. 

I have never been one that will take many naps.  I do on Sundays....ahhhh I love a good Sunday nap.  I would take a snooze if one of the kids had a rough night.  But for the most part during my kiddos naptime is my sew/read/goof-off time!   So, Patrick could usually tell how I was feeling by my fatigue.  Shortly after we arrived in St. Barths I became exhausted.  I would fall asleep on the couch by 5:30.  My doctor wonders if I actually had Lyme then. 

Many have asked specific questions about my treatment and what I'm taking. I by no means want to turn this into a Lyme blog, but for the sake of helping me remember and to try and help others facing this confusing illness, I will keep documenting this journey with Lyme and give some specifics about my medication.  But, for the most part you will be seeing my kiddos adorable faces, ministry news, and maybe a quilty project mixed in.  (I'm getting the sewing bug!) was a good day!  We're praying for another one tomorrow just like it!!


  1. Praying for your complete recovery and healing!!!

  2. Praise God! So glad to hear you are doing better :-)

  3. Praising God!! So thankful you're finally on the road to recovery. We think you even look bright eyes and more awake...not as foggy looking. Love your sweet spirit. Can't wait for our sewing days.