Sunday, July 6, 2014

Happy Birthday Brenna!

 Today my Brenna is 15!
 She has so many wonderful qualities and is such a blessing to our family!  She loves the Lord and has a heart for lost souls.  She's a great example to our little ones.  They love to play with their Brenn and you can often find Micah looking for her with a new idea of what to play.  She's always ready for a swim in the pool, or to chat over a cup of coke.
 But most often you will find her playing her piano (even now he's practicing!)  She loves to play and is doing incredibly!
 She's our fun-loving, easy-going girl.  In fact, while taking these pictures she asked if she should smile for all of them.  I told her we could do some serious ones if she wants.  This is what we got....

That's my girl!  Sure do love her!
Happy Birthday Brenna Shay!


  1. How precious. What a delightful girl. I love how you write about your children because their individual personalities really shine through. She is a lovely girl and so precious. You can see the kindness and gentleness emanating from her. She looks so much like both you and your husband both!

    Happy birthday to your dear Brenna!

  2. Happy Birthday Brenna!

    I loved reading about how you are such a blessing to your family :). Continue to grow in the Lord and trust Him for everything.