Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Picked on again

Saturday afternoon brought some surprises for us.  I had noticed Friday night my PICC line site was bleeding.  I assumed I did too much  (culotte making marathon before my kiddos leave for camp!)  but then Saturday it was bleeding a little as well.  When Patrick tried to flush the line before treatment, the saline solution flooded all under my bandage.  Great.

I tried getting a hold of my doctor, but there was no answer, so it was off to the ER we went.  We brought books, water and a sweater....usually the wait is so so long!  But, this time we waited no more than 5 minutes!  Wow!  They put me in a room and made me put on a gown.  A gown?

Then, they brought in the PICC line team.  There was a bend in the line and a hole near the insertion site.  So, they had to pull the line.  The doctor and the "team" began trying to figure out how to help me.  Putting in a new line in the ER wasn't a standard thing to do. They didn't want me to miss any of my treatment times. They were going to do a temporary IV and have me see my doctor first thing Monday.  Then, the 2 "team" members were on the phone and calling their supervisors.  They managed to get approval to put a new line in for me!

They told me it would be much better to have it higher in my arm.  In the crook of your arm there is too much chance of breaking the line and it is so uncomfortable there.

They took a lot of precautions and took a while sterilizing everything.  Then, they even covered my entire body with a blue drape.  It did have a little clear window for me to look out.  How nice.  After an ultrasound to find the best place, they gave me a shot in my upper arm.  ouch.  Then, she started trying to find the right vein and thread through the wire.  It wasn't supposed to hurt at this point, but it really did.  It was a really strange vibrating pain.  They said I had a valve there that wouldn't let them pass.  So, they numbed me in another area close by and tried again.  No success.. Ouch again.  Then, they went a little further over on my right arm and tried again.  No success...double ouch!  They just couldn't get through.

To say I was a little nervous is an understatement.  I just kept repeating the verses and songs that the Lord has laid on my heart during this past year and a half.  I kept singing, "Like a River Glorious"  (Love that song!) and "There will be grace"  (another great song!)  Then, I kept quoting Isaiah 26:3 "Thou wilt keep him in perfect peace whose mind is stayed on thee: because he trusted in thee."  Sweet peace that only comes from Christ!  He's so good to me!

Then, they decided to try the left arm.  They were reluctant to go there because I just had the line removed from that arm.  After resterilizing everything and redraping, they numbed up my left arm and it went right in!  There was a slight problem when the wire wanted to go to my neck instead of my heart, but after a few tries, we were set!

I do like having my PICC line higher in my arm.  It's out of my way and I was able to sweep today!  I think that's a good thing?  Maybe. :o)


  1. Whew! Thank God they found a way and that you are now ok. I'm hoping it all works out better in the new position. Big hugs. xx

  2. Praying this one will stay put and continue to work!
    That is ONE of my favorite verses :).
    I was wondering yesterday how treatment was going but did not get to check. I know you don't want it to become a blog about Lyme but we do hope you will continue to let us know how you are feeling. All those culottes you have been making sound like you are having some good days. Praise the LORD!!!
    Off to a nap :) Have a blessed day, Friend :).