Saturday, August 23, 2014

How are we going to let go?

This morning I woke up with the sun slightly coming up and saw the light at Patrick's desk on.  Why is he up so early on a Saturday?  He was moving things on his desk.  Did he really wake up early just to clean off his desk?  I looked at him and said a sweet "Good Morning"  He glanced at me and could barely talk.  I knew something was wrong.  He said, "I just keep thinking about Josh. I had a dream that was so real and we were dropping him off at the airport (a reality that will happen 9 days from now) and my heart was breaking.  How are we going to do this?  How are we going to let him go?"

 We shared plenty of tears together this morning.  We are so excited for our son.  Really, we are!  He is following God's plan for his life and it's going to be amazing!  But, as Mom and Dad, it's hard to let go.  It's hard to think of him leaving and not having him in our home on a daily basis.  How can we get through this?  How can I get through this as a Mom? 

 Then, I realized that the lessons the Lord has been teaching me for quite a while, apply here, too.

How am I going to get through?

~Gratitude.  I heard a preacher once say that Gratitude produces Contentment.  I wrote that down in my prayer journal to help me remember when I have that feeling of being discontent and just not satisfied.  When this happens, I know my heart is not being thankful and taking the time to reflect on my blessings.  Yes, I will cry when Josh leaves, and yes, I will miss him bunches. (and bunches and bunches) But, I don't want those feelings to make me discontent and constantly think about days-gone-by.  Think of all the blessings God has given!  Contentment will come, it works everytime!

~Grace for the day, the hour, the moment.  I know God will help me get through this.  He gave me this Mother's heart that doesn't want to let go!  But, he will also supply me with the grace to go through this next journey in my life.  I read a book a few weeks ago that talks about the sufficiency of God's grace. It's always exactly enough!  But, it's always exactly when we need it.  The Lord's grace will help me through this time.

"Blessed be the Lord, who daily loadeth us with benefits, even the God of our salvation."  Psalm 68:19

"And he said unto me, My grace is sufficient for thee: for my strength is made perfect in weakness."  2 Corinthians 12:9

So, we will get through.  We will find a new normal for us.  What a journey filled with blessings we are on!  And I'm so thankful for my son!

Now, it's off to have a busy week with my family!  We have so much planned!  There will be plenty of packing, I am having a baking marathon and preparing all of his favorites, and just being together.  I warned Josh that I will be glued to his side this week!  Then, it's off to the airport....with California on the other side of a plane ride.


  1. Aw, such a bittersweet time for you all. Once he is settled and you find your new routines, you will find a new relationship with your eldest son ;-)

  2. Praying for you and not looking forward to that time in my own life, but what a tremendous blessing that you can send him off with trust in your heart that your boy is going to serve God. You've trained him right, and you know he loves God. I just heard a preacher say that when our children get old enough to leave home and we have trained them right, we are sending them out as arrows into God's army. May Josh be used mightily of God!

  3. I hope you enjoy a very special week with him before he goes! I will be praying for you. We just sent our sister to college two days ago, with Mom going along. We miss them a lot, and I know you will miss Joshua. But we will be praying that the Lord gives you special grace and comfort.
    Will he be going to Golden State College?
    with prayers, Kristen Smith

    1. Yes, Kristen, he is at Golden State Baptist College in Santa Clara, California. Where did your sister go? I remember when my sisters left for college, I missed them so much! And counted down the days until they would come home!

  4. Praying for you! My oldest is soon to be 15, but I know those years will fly by and soon he will be off to school!
    Your Hokkaido friend- Shellee

  5. Dear Mrs. Gimenez,
    Thank you for replying. :)
    My Sister went to Baptist College of Ministry in Menomonee Falls Wisconsin. I have two sisters there now, and we all miss them a lot, but we know it is where the Lord wants them right now, and He is showing them and us how He is always there to provide for, and take care of them. :)
    It was encouraging to read the verses that the Lord gave you about Joshua leaving. It's so special when the Lord gives us verses that seem to have been written just for us! :)
    I'm praying for you all!
    love, Kristen