Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Prayers Answered!

Thank you to all that prayed for me last week!  God is so good!  And I'm so thankful to have sweet  friends and family that will pray for me.  

We started the drip of the new antibiotic super slow.  I mean super slow!  It was taking 7 hours a day!  I did itch some at first, and had some slight pain the first couple of days.  Then, I started to tolerate the meds better and was able to drip a little faster.  We are now down to 3-4 hours a day!  Big Improvement.

  I was a little frustrated with being stuck on the couch watching a slow drip.  My thoughtful sister and her husband (Thanks Keela and William!)  made me an IV stand with wheels so I can get up when I need to!  What a blessing that was!
 And while I I dripped....my family stepped up and worked together and took care of one another.  They are pretty fantastic!

And some really good news?  I've had some really good days!  Now, the pain isn't gone.....but it is much less!!! And I'm starting to feel some improvement!  We are so excited about this!  It's hard to not get our hopes up when we see improvement because we know that quite often good days are followed by not so good ones.  But, I'm enjoying these good ones!  It's going to be a busy few weeks for us.  Many things are happening, and all of them emotional!  One major one is we're starting to help Josh pack for college......I think I need more prayer!


  1. Aw, dear Kami. It is wonderful news to read that you are responding well to treatment and that God indeed is in the business of answering our prayers. It was sweet of your sister and her husband to build you an IV stand as I know you want to feel useful while you are convalescing and in order to do that you need to move around. I will continue to pray for you and your family. I know it will be bittersweet when your Josh leaves for college. God bless and big hugs. xx

  2. Praying more for you, dear friend. So happy to hear you are improving with that medication.