Tuesday, December 23, 2014

A different kind of tree

Plans, plans, plans....they are not exactly turning out the way I had them in my head.  But, I like the real version better!

Since our move is being bumped up so close to Christmas, we haven't had a chance to unpack any Christmas boxes.  (Kind of hard when they are almost 300 miles away)  So, we decided we can at least get a tree!  One of the things I put in the rental van as we came to see Josh arrive in the airport was our tree stand.  Priorities, priorities!  So, we went to the Tree Lot...closed.  Lowe's....5 trees left with half the needles gone.  Choose and Cut Tree Farm...closed, closed and closed again.  What were we to do?  Then, from the backseat Silas said, "Mom, next year can we be like Mickey Mouse and chop down our own tree in the woods?"  Patrick and I looked at each other.  Forget next year!  Let's do it this year!

 We found the perfect Cedar Tree on our property!
 There was so much excitement and giggles about picking out our tree.

 Of course, Josh is like his Daddy and any reason to use a power tool is a good thing!

 A Christmas Tree, a christmas tree, We have a REAL tree!!

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