Saturday, March 21, 2015

In This Place...

 We pray that in this place the Lord will be magnified and that people will come to know the Almighty God that loves them.

 We pray that in this place people will hear the Word of God, that lives will be changed and needs met.

We pray that in this place the missionary plaques on the back wall will be a visual reminder of the lost and dying world around them.  We pray that boys and men will be called to preach and all will heed the call to serve.

 We pray that in this place music will be used to bring glory and praise to the Lord.  We pray that we will honor Him.
 We pray that in this place little ones will hear stories of Jesus and that they will know that He loves them.
 We pray that in this place babies will be nurtured and cared for as their Mommas are nurtured and cared for in Sunday School and the Preaching Service.

 We pray that in this place children will come to know the God of the Bible and will make decisions to give their life to Him at an early age.

In this place we pray that God will bless and that He will be glorified! 


  1. Very Nice! You all should be very happy with all the accomplishment!

  2. You have all done such a marvellous job of reburishing the building to get it to this awesome point. It is very beautiful and comfortable and all the work done with love. I pray the Lord draws people to this place. I'm sure they will feel the love and presence of God and come to know the love of the greater Christian family. God bless!

  3. You all did an amazing job with that building. Excellent decorating. Everything looks wonderful! I have this great big wish to be there in your church with you, and someday we will! Can you imagine the blessing of actually getting to meet each other after years of praying for each other? God is so good. Kami, I have grown to love you and your family, and I know a lot of that has to do with prayer . . . and blogs, of course! :) You can't pray for someone without loving them.

  4. It is all so gorgeous and will definitely make people feel at home aas they gather around to hear God's Word preached! Congratulations on your new start!