Saturday, March 28, 2015

A surprised Momma and belly laughs from my boy

 Imagine my surprise when I went to tuck in my Silas.  He sleeps on the top bunk, so I must stand on my tip-toes to tuck him in.  As I was doing this, I was eye-level with some little orange eyes.  Scared me that's for sure!  After I gasped, I heard the biggest laughs from my innocent 6 year old.  He was laughing so hard he was holding his belly!  I think this little man is going to take after his Daddy and older brother and be a jokester.  The girls of this house sure do need some prayer!


  1. Just wait until it's a real one!!

  2. LOL, very funny! I once (or twice) scared my mother in a similar way. I thought it was pretty funny and couldn't stop laughing. she however wasn't so amused. I still remember vividly though am no longer a prankster.