Wednesday, March 18, 2015

We just couldn't resist

 I took some of my kiddos to a Poultry Workshop at the Feed Store in High Springs.  The chicks were so adorable, we just couldn't resist adding 3 more to our flock!
 We did learn some new things at the workshop!  Like:
~We've been storing our eggs wrong.  Ooops.  Did you know they are actually supposed to be stored pointy side down for longer freshness?
~We shouldn't be washing our eggs when we bring them in.  There is a protective membrane on the shell and washing it off makes the egg rotten faster.  (We eat them so quick though, so I don't think that's an issue with us! ;o)
~I now know how to tell if a day old egg is fertilized.

 Aren't they adorable!

 Micah picked out a Buff Brahma.  This breed is known for having feathers on their feet.  Neat!  He named his chick "Mudball."

 Silas picked out a Barred Rock which is the type of  chicken that our Mrs. Peabody is.  These are beautiful hens when they are grown!  Silas named her Bean.  Cute!

Callie picked out a Golden Sex Link Chick.  She loved that she was yellow!  She really had a hard time choosing the name.  She liked Starry or Flower.  So, she just decided to name her Starry Flower!

Right now our chicks are 1 week old.  In 6 more weeks we will introduce them to our other "girls" and let them have fun in the coop!  We are averaging 7-8 eggs a day!  Wow!  Omelet anyone?

It sure is fun watching our Farm grow!  I need to post pictures of our garden that was just tilled.  I think we're planning to feed an army!


  1. Now that we live in the country, we've been told we should get some chickens. I know little to nothing about them, though! Our landlord has some, so we might ask him about getting some. They ARE fun to watch!

    1. Susan, you should get some! They really are a lot of fun and super easy to take care of!

  2. I don't know what it is about baby chicks but they sure are adorable. No wonder kids and grownups too love them. Have fun with your babies :-)