Saturday, March 14, 2015

Happy 17th Elisabeth!

 Today is my dear girl's birthday.  17!!
 Our Beth is know by many names: Elisabeth, Bessie, Bethy, Beth, Bethy-pooh, Beef....should I be sharing all of these? :o)
 What a beautiful, Godly young lady she is!  She truly has a heart for the Lord and loves to serve Him!
 God has given her many talents.  One of them is to sing.  She can pick out a harmony part in a matter of seconds!
 She also is such a diligent girl and so ready to serve in our home.  She often throws in a load of laundry "just because it needs to be done"  What teenager does that?  (I know I didn't :o) )  She will change diapers, play with the little ones, prepare meals and do just about anything, just to be a blessing to me!
 She has a heart for her Daddy, and quite often when us girls are talking about new ideas she will say, "I think  we should ask Daddy what he thinks." What a blessing!
 She is truly living her dream here on our farm  (It sure is fun calling it that!)  She loves her horse Sugar Rose and takes great care of her.  She feeds the chickens and gathers eggs....she's a farm girl at heart!
 There is a Proverbs challenge we like to do in our family.  I will start reading the beginning of a verse in Proverbs and we will see who can quote the rest.  Beth is amazing and always stomps everyone!  Always!  I dare you to challenge her! :o)
 She also has a heart for writing.  She loves to write poetry and has started writing out memories from our deputation days.  She also has a Fiction Book in the works.  So far only her Grandma has the privileged ears to hear it.  When she finishes I get to read it!  She also writes every so often on her blog, although she told me it's her goal to write more often.

 What a blessing my Beth has been to our family. 17....It's exciting to see what this next year holds for her as she seeks the Lord, serves Him, and loves the life God has given her!


  1. What a beautiful tribute to your daughter and what a lovely girl she is. Let me add my "Happy Birthday, Beth!" to all the many others who will wish her the same for a wonderful celebration. These photos you took of your daughter are also very nice and something she (and you) will treasure for years to come. Blessings.!

    1. We sure did have fun taking them! I think my favorite is turning out to be the one of her chasing the chickens. Ha! :)

  2. Happy birthday, Beth! Keep serving the Lord and loving Him whole-heartedly.