Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Not every little girl....

 has the chance to color with her Great Grandmother, better know to everyone as Mam-maw.

 My Callie has fallen completely in love with her Mam-maw.  I loved watching the two of them together.  Callie brought out her crayons and asked Mam-maw to color.  I was so happy (and a little teary eyed) to be able to watch another sweet moment between the two of them.

When I was little Mam-maw would always sing "Amazing Grace" to me.  I loved it.  She has started singing it to Callie as well.  We were at our town's festival last week and they played "Amazing Grace."  Callie said, "Do you hear that?  They are playing Mam-maw's song!"  Now, Callie's song that I sing to her at bedtime has changed to "Amazing Grace."  She said it helps her to think of her Mam-maw and she sure does love her!

So thankful my girl has been able to spend time with one of the sweetest women anyone has ever met: My Mam-maw.

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  1. So sweet. Such precious memories are being made :-) Hugs and blessings. xx