Saturday, May 23, 2015

Honey Bees?

It was a few months ago that my Patrick started talking about getting some honey bees.  He knew they would be great for our garden and as an allergy sufferer, he knew the honey would be very beneficial.  I liked his reasoning, but bees?  Oh, no thank you.  I was not interested! 

But, everywhere I turned, I was confronted with the ideas of having our own honey bee hive.  

 The bee club member at a community yard sale.
Then, there was an article on facebook.
A book featured at the library.
A flyer I ran across.
Everywhere I turned!
  I figured the Lord may be giving my sweet husband the desire of his heart.  So, I began to pray..."Lord, I don't want bees!  But, if you want this to happen, please help me be brave!"

Then, one of our ladies from church said she was going to a bee club meeting.  My curiosity was definitely getting the best of me and I decided to go with her.  I had a great time!  I met about 45 people from young children, to older men and women that all have bee hives and love their hobby!  It was very interesting.
When we met a man that gives bee classes to families.  I decided we would give it a try.

It was so informative and so hands on.  After learning many things and practicing on a "dummy" hive, it was time to try out the real thing.  My sweet man was the bravest, so he went first.

 There were many bees in the hive, probably around 20,000 bees.  After being Pine smoked, he was ready!  He did great!  We were able to see the Queen and her drones and workers. Pretty neat!

 Josh and Beth even pet some of the bees!
 Then, it was my turn.  It was so strange because I was nervous, but I really wanted to do this.  I was pretty fascinated.  So, I carefully lifted the box as instructed.
 There were many bees buzzing around.
 And I actually did it!  Wow!  I'm still shocked!

 Then, it was time to taste the fresh honey.  Now, our little ones (and big ones, too) were hooked! looks like we have a new addition coming to our little farm.  Our hive arrives Monday!

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  1. I too used to be very afraid of the idea of bee keeping but over the years have come to really appreciate how good bees and their work are for the environment and for we humans too :-) I am glad you stepped forward through faith. xx