Thursday, May 28, 2015

Memorial Day at VSIBC

We had a great Memorial Day service at Victory Springs Independent Baptist Church!
The girls, Cynthia, and I changed up the decorations with a more patriotic theme.  We love how it turned out!

We made some fun flag crafts in Sunday School.  It sure is a joy having my Silas and Callie in class.  I love hearing them answer questions and remember the Bible story they have learned.  They also love craft time!!

Brenna prepared a sweet craft for the nursery guys, too.  They loved it!

To start off the main service, Patrick had Silas bring in the American Flag for us to say the pledge.  We had the flag in the Sunday School room and Silas knew the signal words for the time to get the flag.  He went to the SS room and got the flag, then tried his hardest to  get back in the main auditorium smoothly.  We heard a clunk.  And then another clunk.  That stubborn door frame kept getting in the way! :o)
My sweet hubby...I sure am proud of him!

Brenna played a beautiful offeratory piece.

Then, as Brenna quietly played "My Country Tis of Thee"  Patrick asked that if anyone had a loved one that served in the military that has now passed, and would like to honor them with a flag, they may come forward.  One by one, many came forward and said the name of their loved one and the branch of service they served in. Then, they received a flag to put in a flower pot in remembrance of that dear loved one.  It was a very sweet time with some tears, and lots of thankfulness.  I was proud to be able to go forward and mention my Grandpa that served in the Army.   I sure do miss him.

Many flags in honor of those that willingly served for our freedom!

It was truly a wonderful day!

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  1. A beautiful post. It brought a choking to my throat. Blessings. xx