Monday, October 5, 2015

The Night of Mission's Conference!

 Our first Mission's Conference at VSIBC was a huge success!  There was so much excitement as we prepared for the big day!  My little guys dressed for the occasion.  Callie is from Africa, Silas is an American Indian and Micah is a cowboy! :o)
 Beth and I decided to dress from  another country, too.  I was from Kenya and Beth from India.

 Then, our international banquet began.  Our ladies were amazing and brought so much food!  It was so hard to pick!  So, being the Pastor's wife, I tried it all! :o)

We are so excited about what the Lord is doing in High Springs!  We had a Faith Promise commitment of $650 per month to give to missions!  Praise God!
It's such a joy to serve Jesus!

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  1. A wonderful first Missions Conference. God bless all the work of you and your congregation as you support missions. Big hugs. xx