Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Preparing for Mission's Conference

 We have been announcing and gaining excitement for our Mission's Conference at VSIBC for many months now.  The time finally came for us to prepare our tables for the Banquet.  It was so  fun having ladies pick the country they would decorate their table after.  Brenna and Mrs. Bonnie picked America!

 I chose Kenya and my friend in Kenya, Jessi Cormier, helped me so much along the way.  Thank you my friend!

 Elisabeth picked The French West Indies.  We used some things that we had from the mission field and Denise helped us with the rest.  It turned out beautiful!

 Other countries represented were Italy, Nicaragua, Germany, Mexico and China.  The fellowship was so sweet as all the ladies came together to make this so special!


  1. Absolutely awesome, Kami. You and the girls and all the ladies did a fantastic job representing each country with the table decor. I love Kenya! You and Jessi did great. Have a wonderful missions fest. At my former church which was much larger than where I go now, we always had a fantastic time at Missions Fest and some inspiring missionaries sharing their stories. xx

  2. I love it, Kami. You did an excellent job decorating that table, and the others look great too.