Saturday, September 19, 2015

Sprucing Up!

 I was so thankful when about 10 years ago my Grandma gave me some of her chairs.  I remember these chairs being used for family dinners.  2 of them were always in the living room with the table that had a huge extension brought up when we would all eat together.  Lots of wonderful memories and good food on these!  Then, I remember when she recovered them.  I don't remember anymore their previous cushion color, but it was a cute new fabric my Grandma picked.  (She was always a woman in style!)  Then, they were given to me!  We've used them, they were in storage for a while while we were overseas, they've been borrowed....and now they are back in my home and have been well loved here in Fort White for the past 8 months.  The fabric is looking worn and stained.  There is glue on a couple of them where Patrick had to repair a few pieces. And I have so much brown everywhere, I was ready for a fresh change.

 So, after some fresh paint and fabric, Grandma's chairs have a facelift!  I love them! And love that we can still use something that holds such precious memories!


  1. Very lovely Kami. The white rattan and green geometric pattern fabric is right on trend and fits in with your climate in Florida. It's so nice to have something passed down through the generations too! Blessings. xx